I have some songs to share,
I hope you are blessed and encouraged

Angela Dittmar
      Who is this Jesus?
And why do I sing about Him?


About Jesus

    I was fortunate to have learned about Jesus as a child.
When I accepted Him as my personal Savior I became "Born Again"
I was then "SAVED", and truly understood.
If you have never heard of Him, or read of Him, I encourage you to read the Bible starting with the Gospel of John.
Accepting the gift of heaven is something you have to do for yourself.
No one will be with you when you die and meet GOD.
(P.S.: We are all gonna die! And we are all gonna meet GOD!)
His plan of salvation is a gift. We can't earn it by doing good deeds, we can't buy it by giving to charity, we can't barter for it by having "good karma".
We can only receive it by confessing that JESUS is LORD, and accepting HIM as our LORD. Realizing that He would have come to earth just for you, just for me...... pretty awesome concept! He loves you THAT much!!!
You may wish to visit this site for more information: Who Is Jesus, really?



Angela is a songwriter/ singer/ speaker
who is happy to share the songs the Lord has allowed her to pen.
She shares how Jesus prepared her for the adventure she is on,
and how to discover the joy in your own adventure...through laughter and song.
By His Mighty Hand, her music has traveled from her moldy basement floor around the globe.
Her songs are listed with CCLI and have been linked as downloads in international magazines.
She has spoken for womens ministries & conferences, cruises, churches & coffeehouses.
Additionally, she brings the message of hope to nursing homes and retirement centers as she sings the standards and her original tunes,combining her experiences as a former
NY nightclub & wedding singer and as a recreation therapist.
She is available to speak or sing for your event, from Florida to New England (East coast only)
e-mail or call 352-540-0764
"All because of a gallbladder!"