I have some songs to share,
I hope you are blessed and encouraged

Angela Dittmar
      I guess you want to know a little about me!



About Ang

    hmmm, where to start? what to say? I guess the only thing of real importance is that I am just as ordinary as anybody else,
............. but I have an EXTRA-ordinary GOD.
Statistics? I had 2 parents, 2 brothers, 2 sisters, 2 children, 2 marriages
and 2 lives: One before Christ and One after Christ....
and 2 chances for this music ministry, one when I first got Saved and He gave me songs, and this second one, which started 25 years later, when He led me to find those songs again.
When I finally shared those songs, He gave me new songs.
Glory to the God of second chances!

I never planned on being a songwriter. I don't play any instrument except to hunt and peck on the keyboard and count my fingers to make a chord.
I don't sit down at the piano and try to write a song. The songs just come and I share them as best as I am able.

I have a keyboard and I have learned to press the buttons on it. I have learned to record. I have learned alot since this started. I have had opportunities to speak and share my story and His songs. I will go as He leads.

So that's the story........ I met Jesus, He asked me to do this..... I said yes, then I didn't...... He asked me again, I said yes, I did, and I will continue........ and so, here I am........

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Angela is a songwriter/ singer/ speaker
who is happy to share the songs the Lord has allowed her to pen.
She shares how Jesus prepared her for the adventure she is on,
and how to discover the joy in your own adventure...through laughter and song.
By His Mighty Hand, her music has traveled from her moldy basement floor around the globe.
Her songs are listed with CCLI and have been linked as downloads in international magazines.
She has spoken for womens ministries & conferences, cruises, churches & coffeehouses.
Additionally, she is equipped for a very unique ministry by bringing
the message of hope to nursing homes and retirement centers,
singing the standards and introducing her original tunes,
combining her experiences as a former NY nightclub singer,
as a recreation therapist, and Christian Singer Songwriter

To have Angela speak or sing at your event:
E-mail or call 352-540-0764
"All because of a gallbladder!"